Many feel that a healthy swish of fresh tasting mouthwash is just the thing to top off their daily routine of oral care and get them started on the day. Others don’t feel the need and some of us go so far as to claim that mouthwash is bad for our gums and teeth. The actuality lies somewhere in the middle of the controversy.

First of all, mouthwash isn’t a one size fits all proposition, there are different types of different needs. A mouthwash that contains the ingredient Arginine is made specifically for people who suffer from extreme tooth sensitivity. If you are at high risk for tooth decay an anticavity mouthwash may be recommended. Cosmetic mouthwash is solely for the purpose of eliminating bad breath, but it is only a temporary fix while a whitening formula mouthwash may be successful in removing extrinsic surface stains caused by some of the foods and drinks that we consume. Another mouthwash is made to protect our gums from gingivitis by helping to remove the bacterial plaque that causes it.

The consensus seems to be that using mouthwash is basically a matter of choice with the one caveat being that the alcohol in some formulas can cause dry mouth and increase sensitivity. If you like to use mouthwash ask your dental hygienist for a recommendation as to what type may be best for you.

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