Too much sugar is bad for our teeth, that’s a proven fact. Fruit juices, soda, and sports drinks are loaded with it, so what should we reach for when we want something refreshing to drink? The preferred choice is water. Not only does water help to keep our bodies hydrated but it is specifically good for our teeth in that it doesn’t attract the bacteria that thrive in our mouths like a sugary drink does. The combination of certain strains of that bacteria and sugar creates the film of plaque that forms over our teeth and can lead to tooth decay.

Don’t think that diet drinks are any better for your teeth than regular formula. Any carbonated beverage is also acidic meaning that it can begin to deteriorate our tooth enamel which is what protects the more vulnerable layers of our teeth. The fluoride in our drinking water helps to further strengthen the protective quality of our tooth enamel. Yes, bottled water is easy to transport and convenient to almost any venue but most brands contain little or no fluoride (check the label). Tap water is the better source.

It’s often awkward to brush after eating in a restaurant or at someone else’s home. Swishing a bit of water over your teeth can help rinse food debris away without attracting the attention of your fellow diners.

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