Some toothpaste and mouthwashes claim to contain certain ingredients that will desensitize your teeth or whiten them or even prevent cavities better than other products. Although there may be some truth to these appeals no over the counter dental product can compare to the potency of the prescription preparations that you can only get from your dentist.

There are some oral health conditions that require a stronger remedy than a regular strength formula can provide. Periodontal patients, for instance, realize the need for something more than they can get from their regular toothpaste, even if it promises to relieve some of their symptoms. Scraping and root planing therapy and more frequent professional cleanings are traditional treatment procedures for the control of gum disease that has advanced past the initial stage but they have to be followed up with proper home care in order to prevent the advancement of the disease.

A prescription toothpaste that is higher in fluoride content is often recommended for patients who are at extreme risk for tooth decay, whether due to genetic inclination or a lack of professional care. Dental hygienists have found that it can also be beneficial to those patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity.

You may pay a little more for a prescription toothpaste but the long run benefits will far outweigh the preliminary cost. Ask Dr. Ghai of Crescent Dental in Cary, NC if you might be a good candidate for a prescription strength toothpaste. Call the office @ 919-323-4043.