“Dry mouth” is the legitimate term dentists use to diagnosis a chronic condition that presents with a consistent decrease in the flow of natural saliva in your mouth. In other words, it is more than being thirsty after eating something spicy or because it is such a hot day. If your symptoms are still there after several days you may want to see your dentist for evaluation.

The kind of dry mouth that your dentist is talking about can be the side effect of a medication or medical therapy, a reaction to undue stress, or even a change in lifestyle habits. Dry mouth does tend to affect older folks and people with eating disorders are at higher risk as well.

Dry mouth is not only uncomfortable, it can lead to serious dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. When the flow of saliva isn’t sufficient to wash away cavity-causing bacteria the risk for infection increases.

If you are diagnosed with xerostomia, the medical term for dry mouth, your dentist may want you to up your regimen for home oral care. He may suggest adding an alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash to your daily routine. Chewing sugarless gum and sucking on hard candies may also offer you some relief as can a specifically formulated toothpaste. An in-office fluoride treatment may sometimes be prescribed.

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