You will probably spend more time with your dental hygienist than with your dentist during a routine, every six-months appointment. Take advantage of this time to pick her brain about the best choice for over the counter products, those that are worth the money and those that will actually live up to their claims.

Part of the job description for a dental hygienist is to be knowledgeable about new to the market toothpaste, mouthwashes, and dental appliances. She is also in a good position to know which of the well-established products have withstood the test of time. The feedback from other patients gives the hygienist an inside track at being right on the money with her recommendations.

Patients spend time and money on dental restorations and cosmetic procedures to keep their smile looking as good as can be. It’s not just a matter of vanity but in some cases, a healthy smile can influence a successful career move or give someone the self-confidence to improve their social life. Dentists want the work that they do to hold up for as long a time as possible, it makes for good patient reviews and referrals. If the hygienist can suggest ways and means to help the patient maintain their fillings or crowns everyone benefits.

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