Why would women be more likely to be concerned about their dental health than men are? Some studies have shown that to be the case. Specifically noted was the fact that women brush and floss more often and see a dentist on a regular basis.

It may be that since women are usually the ones in the family to make dental and medical appointments for their children they just naturally include themselves in the process. The irony is that some of the lifestyle habits that men are more likely to adopt make them more vulnerable to dental issues. Contact sports, for instance, increases the risk for injury to the mouth which in turn can lead to serious oral health problems.

The importance of oral health maintenance is becoming more evident every day. It has been established that poor oral health is directly related to the incidence of other diseases and can put people at higher risk for sudden heart attack or stroke. Considering the risk factors everyone should up their game when it comes to home care routines and professional dental attention.

Brushing your teeth soon after your last meal of the day may have an extra added benefit. Food doesn’t taste so good right after brushing so once you brush you won’t be as likely to crave an after dinner snack.

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