Even though the word “bacteria†denotes disease, not all strains are harmful. In fact, a lot of the bacteria that exist in our mouths is actually beneficial, but we do have to be diligent in sticking to a regimen of good oral health habits if we want to succeed in fighting off that bacteria that can cause tooth decay and periodontitis. The trick is to strike a happy medium by eliminating as much bad bacteria as we can while retaining enough good bacteria to help resist disease. Research is working now to produce an additive that can be used in mouthwashes and toothpaste to help in creating an even balance of oral bacteria.

There are steps that you can take in your daily routine for dental care that will work to freshen your breath and keep your teeth free of the bacterial plaque that causes disease. Brushing and flossing are a given, you can’t expect to have a healthy mouth without these basic preventives. If you have trouble using the traditional flossing string, ask your dental hygienist to give you some pointers or to recommend an over the counter product that can make flossing easier.

Watch your diet. Cut down on the sugary drinks and acidic foods that attack the protective quality of your tooth enamel. There are plenty of ways to make healthier fresh fruits and vegetables more appealing.

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