Is Buying Dental Insurance Worth It?

The cost of dental procedures is constantly going up, making it more and more difficult for patients to receive the care that they need. While there are many financing options available, these do nothing to take away the high costs of dental work, instead allowing the patient to pay for the full amount over the course of several months or years. Insurance can help to lessen the blow for the work that you need to have done, but this is dependent on the specific policy that you are able to take out.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

The type of work that dental insurance covers is dependent on the specific type of policy that you’ve taken out. Most insurance policies only cover a small percentage of each procedure, but they will cover the full amount for preventative care so long as a deductible is not put into place. For example, your coverage may only cover roughly 70 to 80 percent of the cost of fillings and 50 percent of the cost of cosmetic procedures like dentures and veneers. Your insurance company will also govern what they will and won’t pay for, often opting for cheaper alternatives to save themselves money.

Is it Worth the Investment?

Dental insurance is worth it if you’re able to take out a good plan that is free of deductibles. If you take out a plan that has a high deductible, like $1,000 a year, you’ll find that it doesn’t help very much in terms of coverage unless you need a lot of work done. This means that you’ll be paying for everything until you reach that deductible amount. If all you need are exams and cleanings throughout the year, you probably won’t reach this amount for the coverage to start taking effect. Plus, because insurance companies govern what can and should be done, you will find that you are getting work done that you might not always be happy about.

How to Apply

In order to get solid coverage that has the most benefits, you will want to search for a plan either through your place of employment or through a private insurance company. Don’t be afraid to do a lot of research so that you can be sure you have the right type of coverage without it being too expensive. If you are currently employed, it doesn’t hurt to look at getting insurance through your job. This is an easier and often more beneficial way to receive dental coverage.

For a lot of people, dental insurance is well worth it because of the type of procedures it covers. Plus, if you need to have a lot of work done, you are going to find that this helps lessen the blow that you would otherwise have to deal with. Insurance companies differ and the type of policy that you have will depend on the specific policy that you have chosen to take out either for yourself or for the entire family.