If you have kept to a schedule of regular six-month dental checkups and cleanings you should be a good candidate for a teeth whitening procedure. After a thorough evaluation and a “thumbs up,†your dentist will discuss the procedure and answer whatever questions you may have.

As the process gets underway your dentist will determine the proper shade of whitening, apply the corresponding gel solution and implement the laser light. This initial stage of the process will last for about 15 minutes and will be repeated twice.

There are some restrictions that will be part of the follow-up care after the whitening procedure. Stain causing foods or drinks should be avoided for the next 24 hours. If you are in doubt just remember the rule – anything that can stain your clothing will also stain your teeth. Smoking during that time will stain your newly whitened teeth as will a colored toothpaste or mouthwash. Specific foods that are at the top of a list of no-nos will include red meats, chocolate, fruit juices and red wine. Think white – stick to cauliflower, pasta (without the red sauce), skinless chicken and white rice.

Results will vary from patient to patient but most can expect to enjoy the whitening effects anywhere from six months to two years. Good dental care and some changes in lifestyle habits will have an influence over long-term results.

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