Summer is coming to an end, the kids are heading back to school and families are beginning to return to a more scheduled routine. This is the perfect time to get back on track when it comes to an effective dental home care regimen. Back to school and end of summer routine checkups provide a good opportunity to talk to your dentist or hygienist about your home care habits and what you can do to improve them.

Fluoride is essential to the prevention of cavities. If you live in an urban community your family will benefit from the fluoride content of the water that comes from your tap. Fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash are other good sources, but children are more cavity prone than adults and may need the extra protection that an in-office fluoride treatment can provide. Your dentist will make this evaluation.

The rules about sticking to a healthy diet may have gone by the wayside over the past couple of months what with the kids being in summer camp and family vacation trips to fun filled resorts. Getting back to eating right will mean cutting back on snack times and choosing water and milk over fruit ades and soda. Limit desserts to mealtimes and keep crisp fruits and veggies on hand in the fridge.

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