There’s no reason to put off seeing your dentist if you sense that something has changed in your mouth. A sore that doesn’t seem to be healing, an increased response to hot or cold sensations or any bleeding when you brush your teeth could indicate that something is wrong. You should have it checked out right away, don’t wait for your next appointment even if it is scheduled for a few weeks away. Early diagnosis is the first step to successful treatment.

Regularly scheduled appointments, however, are a perfect time to talk to your dental hygienist about changes that you could make in your home care regimen that might result in better checkups. Manufacturers of dental supplies are constantly coming out with new products that the company rep supplies to your dentist and hygienist. These sample products are then passed on to the patients who use them and report back their opinions, good or bad. Ask your hygienist if she can recommend a particular product that might be something good for you to try.

Most patients who come in for a routine exam and teeth cleaning will spend more time with the hygienist than with the dentist. Take advantage of her expertise while you have the opportunity. Ask questions about how to improve your diet in an effort to strengthen your tooth enamel or guard against tooth decay or gum disease.

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