Types of Teeth Whitening


From Hollywood celebrities to working class citizens, everybody wants to make their teeth whiter. It’s become so popular nowadays. Whitening your teeth can improve your smile significantly. Another advantage is a higher self-esteem because you feel more confident with yourself. Furthermore, whitening your teeth can help you gain more friends because you are not afraid to open your mouth and talk to people.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Most teeth whitening products contain peroxide which bleaches the enamel and gives it a whiter appearance. The degree of whiteness often depends on the amount of peroxide that is used in the whitening ingredient. As a precaution, always talk to your dentist before you begin whitening your teeth because the amount of peroxide in the product can either damage or build your teeth. In case, your dentist gives you the green light on the whitening procedure, you have the following options to consider:

Teeth Whitening Options

1. Whitening Gels and Trays

The teeth whitening gel works hand in hand with the tray. According to your dentist’s instructions, you will apply the gel onto the tray and then wear it for a few hours within the day or at night. Usually, you have to clean your teeth before you wear the tray. You don’t get immediate results with this product. It takes 3 days for you to notice the difference.

2. In-office Bleaching

Alternatively, the dentist can do the teeth whitening in his office. The procedure is known as in-office bleaching. Although the procedure is quite costly, it is worth it because the results are immediate, and the dentist does not take more than an hour to do it.

3. Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips can be bought off-the-counter at any drug store. The strips are usually coated with peroxide. Once you buy them, you just wear them on your teeth for a specific period. The peroxide on the strips whitens the enamel slowly and within a short amount of time, your teeth regain their original whiteness.

4. Toothpastes

There are toothpastes meant specifically for whitening the teeth. Interestingly, most of these kinds of toothpaste are made up of mild abrasives to get rid of surface stains. Others may contain additional chemicals to increase their effectiveness. One thing that you should always remember when using whitening toothpastes is that they are not meant to bleach your teeth. The main purpose of these toothpastes is to remove surface stains.

5. Whitening Chewing Gums and Mouthwashes

These are relatively new products in the whitening market; therefore, their effectiveness is yet to be confirmed. However, those eager to try can do so after consulting a healthcare professional because you don’t know how they might affect your teeth.


The following is a list of the different types of teeth whitening products. Depending on your budget and preference, you can go for the product that you feel suits you best.