What age should kids start seeing the dentist?

All children at some point will need to see a dentist. What most parents wonder is whether they should start taking there toddlers at a young age or if they should wait until their children are older. It can be difficult to assess how long you should wait because it takes a moment for babies to get a full set of teeth.

It is recommended, however, to look at taking your child and to see a dentist as soon as they turn one years of age. The baby teeth are starting to form, and this will be the time where you need to take the child to the dentist for an exam. This is the time where dental X-rays can be done so that you can find out if there are any structural abnormalities with the forming of the teeth.

You may assume that your child does not even have enough teeth to even be concerned about the dentist at that age, but that is the early stage where you will find that there are potential things like overcrowding and overbite to be concerned about. A dentist, of course, will not recommend anything like braces at that early age, but you get a feel for what may need to be done overtime if some issues do not go away.

A great number of people are interested in getting your children to the dentist early because they want to get their children accustomed to coming to a dental office on a regular basis. Children do not have to be afraid of going to the dentist. When they start going to the dental office early they will become much more comfortable with the experience.

When they get accustomed to going on a regular basis it becomes easier for them to get into the regular routine of getting cleanings. They also start to understand the importance of brushing their teeth on a regular basis. All of these are things that are important especially if you have any desire to engage in preventive maintenance.

You want to help your kids maintain good dental habits, and you also want to stop any potential issues that may result in cavities. When your children go in for dental exams the dentist can tell if there are cavities forming in certain areas. You get a better grasp of how well your children are brushing and flossing. You also get a chance to find out if there are any things that you can do to help strengthen your child’s teeth.

It’s not always evident in what you need to do when it comes to creating good habits for your children. A dentist can help by recommending a certain type of toothbrush or mouthwash. They can give you a better perspective on tools that your children may need to embrace to improve their dental hygiene habits.

Getting your child into a dental office early can play a very big part in their dental hygiene as adults. Starting your children at the one-year old marker is ideal.