What Are Partial Dentures?

In some cases, you do not have a full arch of teeth missing but have several teeth that need to be replaced to restore the beauty of your smile. When this is a problem, your dentist might recommend several options. Your first option is to have a bridge put in, but this isn’t always the right option if you’re missing several teeth in different areas of the arch. You can also choose implants, but these may be too expensive for those on a budget. Your next option and one of the most popular is getting a partial denture.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are appliances that are worn in the mouth to mimic the look of real teeth. Unlike a plate of dentures that has a full arch of teeth, the partial dentures only have the teeth apparent that are missing. The partial is often easier to wear because it is smaller and lighter in size than a full denture. Plus, they are less expensive because only several teeth need to be made rather than a full plate of dentures. Most dentists will recommend partials to patients who are missing more than three or four teeth on an arch.

When to Get Them

Your first step is to make an appointment with a local dentist so that they can come up with a solid treatment plan that is right for you. If you are missing more than just a couple of teeth on one arch, they will more than likely recommend partial dentures. To have the dentures made, they will take impressions of your smile right now and send this off to a dental lab. The dentures will be made for you and sent back for fitting. The dentist will then file down the dentures so that they fit comfortably when they are being worn. The process is quick, easy and incredibly beneficial for those who are feeling badly about their teeth.

Maintaining Your Dentures

As with any and every other dental appliance, your partial dentures need to be maintained well in order to have them last the five to eight years that they will typically last. This means that you need to take the dentures out at night and soak them in a specialized cleaning agent to remove bacteria and hardened plaque. You will also need to make appointments at the dentist if there is a problem with the denture that needs to be fixed, such as a broken or missing tooth or a cracked plate.

Some of these partial dentures are made with metal to securely hold onto surrounding teeth while others are made using a pink-colored acrylic material to mimic the look of your gums. No matter which type of partial denture you choose for yourself, it is an easy and effective way of getting your smile to stand out and to get rid of the spaces and gaps that have caused you to feel less confident in the way that you look.