What is the Typical Age for Kids to Get Braces?

If your child’s teeth are coming in misaligned and crooked, they will more than likely benefit from professional orthodontic work. This type of work is able to straighten their smile so that they look and feel better about their smile. Orthodontic work is ideal for older kids, teens and adults, but knowing the exact age to have the work started can sometimes be difficult. For this reason, it is important to know when to bring your child to the orthodontist for an appointment.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Orthodontic work is ideal for straightening crooked smiles. Having a misaligned smile can be more than just something that causes confidence and self-esteem problems. For some kids and teens, their smile can cause issues with speaking, eating or biting down. For this reason, they can benefit fully from going to their local orthodontist and having work done. This work is going to get their teeth to straighten efficiently and effectively. For most kids and teens, they may only need to visit an orthodontist for two to three years before treatment has been fully completed.

The Best Age for Braces

It is important that your child has all of their permanent teeth before going to get braces. This happens anywhere from age eight to eleven. However, you can and should have a consultation with a local orthodontist to find out more about when the best time is for you to bring your child in to have the work done. This consultation will also include an x-ray that can give you and the professional an idea of the root alignment and how crooked your child’s smile currently is. From there, the professional orthodontist will create a customized treatment plan so that you can have a child who feels confident about their smile.

Maintenance and Scheduling

When your child receives orthodontic care, it is important that they go to the office every month for routine appointments. This ensures that treatment is being followed well and that they won’t need to be in braces for an extended period of time. In most cases, children will need to be in braces for roughly two years. However, other orthodontic work may be needed so that they can achieve a full and gorgeous smile that gets them to feel good about the way that they look

Once your child reaches the point where all of their permanent teeth have come in, they can and should go to a local orthodontist who can create a treatment plan specific to their needs. You will find that the sooner they have this work done, the better their smile looks and the sooner they can be out of braces. This is essential for kids and teens who want to like the way that they look without the worry that they are in braces all the time. You will need to find a good local orthodontist who will be able to provide this type of care to your child or teen.