Jordan Lake Brewing Company has many delicious beers on tap. Their selection, which is freshly poured onsite in Cary, North Carolina, includes beers made in a traditional style that is inspired by Jordan Lake, which is a favorite recreational spot of the brewery’s founders. If you’re wondering what’s on tap, here are some beers you can look forward to.  After a few rounds, check out the Cary Arts Center for delightful sights.

Sandy Beach Blonde Ale 

This blonde ale is a smooth, approachable beer that’s easy to drink and not particularly malty or hoppy. This brew is a classic American-style ale that’s especially popular in the summer. This blonde ale is easy to drink on its own, and it can also be paired with a variety of dishes if you’re looking for a dinner and drink combination. 

Orange Weizen 

This German-inspired recipe, which has dominant orange flavors, is another popular American beer that is served at Jordan Lake Brewing Company. This beer is also lighter in flavor and color, which makes it especially popular for summertime drinking. 

Nova Inglia IPA 

The Nova Inglia IPA served at Jordan Lake takes a traditional New England-style IPA and gives it a bit of a southern twist. A variety of different hops, including Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo, give the beer noticeable tropical accents and a delicious aroma. Like other pale ales, it is a good beer to drink in warm weather. 

Crosswinds IPA 

This aptly-named pale ale falls on the darker and heavier side of the India Pale Ale family. The beer’s rich flavor and color are due to the fact that it is created using a variety of different hops, including some imported from the West Coast. At 7.6% ABV, this is a beer with a bit of a bite to it. 

Parkers Creek Pale Ale 

Made with pale malts, this beer is a traditional American brew that dates back to about 1700. This pale ale is lighter in color than many other American beers, but despite what you might think, its flavor is not dull or watery. Hops create the dominant flavors in this smooth, easily drinkable beer, which is an especially popular option in the summer. 

Day Sailor Session IPA 

This IPA has a medium body with distinct citrus notes. Its alcohol content is fairly low at just 4.3% ABV, which means that you can enjoy several over the course of the evening. As with other beers served at Jordan Lake, it is an American-style beer that’s quite popular with patrons. American IPAs are similar to their English counterparts, but they generally have more flavor and stronger aromas. Citrus is the dominant flavor of American IPAs, but some have hints of fruit, pine, and herbs too. 

Loch Jordan Scotch Ale 

Among the strongest ales that Jordan Lake Brewing Company serves, in terms of both flavor and ABV (this one clocks in at 8.3%) is this hearty Scottish Ale. Malt flavoring is apparent in this beer, which also contains Scottish barley and caramel for a sweet finish. When the weather turns cooler, this is a beer that you’ll want to have in hand. 

Inspired by the sites and natural beauty of North Carolina, Jordan Lake Brewing Company creates colorful, flavorful, and charismatic beers. Stop in to sample one, two, or try them all! Beers are also available in growlers so you can take home your favorite one. The team from Crescent Dental loves to head down to Jordan Lake brewing Company for a lovely refreshment.