What You Need To Know About Full Mouth Restorations

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile for personal and professional reasons and because of this mouth restorations are in high demand. Full mouth restoration help people to become more self confident in themselves. A full mouth restoration involves rebuilding a person’s entire mouth and teeth to restore them back to a healthy state. This process involves a series of restorative procedures. This would include crowns, dental implants, veneers, and dental bridges. Oral mouth restoration care is not just beneficial to appearance but it can prevent more serious oral complications down the road. It is important for people to know that some mouth restorations are more difficult than others depending on a person’s oral health.

During mouth restorations a client can be seen by multiple practitioners such as a restorative dentist, oral surgeon, or orthodontist. In the beginning phase of the mouth restoration process you will receive a comprehensive examination. There is four parts to this examination process and they are teeth, periodontal, esthetics, and temporomandibular examination. After the examination the dentist will diagnose what the problem is and provide treatment options. The reconstruction process can take up to 12 months and involve multiple phases and visits to the doctor’s office. An example of the procedure that may be needed is periodontal care, orthognathic surgery, bone or tissue grafting, and orthodontics. Individuals should also be aware that a smile makeover is different from mouth restoration. The two differ because the smile makeover is a choice and mouth restoration is needed.

Each mouth restoration is a unique case depending on the severity of damage. Mouth restoration could cost up to 800 to 1500 per tooth and the total cost can range from 30,000 to 45000 and up. Dental insurance may cover all or some of the cost. Individuals may have to cover the remaining expenses out-of-pocket or receive third-party financing from the dentist office which could allow for monthly payments. People truly care about their appearance and no one wants to be made fun of or lose out on an opportunity because of their appearance or an unhealthy mouth. A healthy smile creates confidence and restores balance to a person’s life. Individuals have to realize regular check-ups to the dentist are just as important as regular check-ups to primary care providers. Early detection and preventive measures can prevent having to have a full mouth restoration and spending thousands of dollars.

Individuals have to learn to cherish true holistic health and this includes the oral cavity. Just as a wound infection can lead to sepsis or other physical issues so can an infected tooth. On a smaller scale an individual should not want to have to engage with a potential employer or a person of power and have an oral problem. The person whom the individual is communicating could not be aware of the oral problem and take it as bad hygiene and inadvertently a bad impression has been made.